South Sound Tree and Landscape, Inc.

We care for, and about your trees. We offer services ranging from tree planting, to tree pruning, to removals, stump grinding, and replanting.



  • Sean Kroll, Owner, is a very experienced arborist/ tree care specialist, tree feller and dismantler. Sean started South Sound Tree and Landscape to promote  tree care, in place of unnecessary removals, as well as offering a safer and more low-impact and environmentally-sensitive way of removing hazard or problem trees, and maintaining your landscape and property.
  • We are very experienced in safely climbing your trees, without damaging spurs, to care for your trees by using modern climbing and arboriculture knowledge and techniques. We frequently work over houses, using modern rigging and equipment to safely move limbs and trunk wood from the tree to the ground.                                                                               
  • We also REMOVE trees of all sizes. Our three tallest climbing removals to date was a construction-damaged 145' Douglas-fir very close to a house and primary power lines, which was climbed and removed in sections, and milled into lumber, a 160' dead grand fir, and a 150' dying grand fir. 

  • We perform crane-assisted removals and are experienced removing storm-damaged trees off of houses.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • We specialize in areas with tight access, inaccessible to bucket trucks and larger machines, while still able to competitively work on easy access trees.                              
  • Beyond tree work, our services include Arborist Consultations and Pre-Construction Tree Protection Planning, Landscape Pruning, Planting, and Cat Rescues.






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