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Cat in a Tree Rescue

When I've talk to fire department staff, I tell them that they can call me when they have people wanting a cat rescued from a tree, and I'll call them when a building is on fire.These emergency crews need to be ready to respond to human emergencies. Their equipment and training is not really suited to cat rescue. Ladder trucks are somewhat suited to shorter spreading hardwood like oaks than the more common trees of the pacific northwest. 

Some cats will come down from trees on their own, but some cats don't know how, or are too scared, or dehydrated to do so. A first step to get the kitty out of the tree could be enticing with a favorite aromatic food that your cat can eat, maybe tuna. If the kitty won't come down and the weather or other animals make it a dangerous situation for the kitty to be up there for a while, it may be time to call a professional. 

Professional tree climbers have the equipment and experience to safely climb trees. At SSTL, we only use spurless techniques that don't damage the trees in the process. 

Trying to climb up a tree, and then down with a cat, without using appropriate safety gear is dangerous to both the person and the feline friend. In addition to a potential injury, or worst, to the person climbing the tree without safety equipment, there is the potential liability to the homeowner. As a licensed and insured business, with the skills and equipment to perform the rescue safely.

Spurless techniques are used for climbing all non-removal trees for their long term health and safety.

 This is Mackenzie, a 10 month-old beautiful kitty who got stuck up a Doug-fir at her new home near Yelm.



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